Trivial Toontask Toughies

It’s that time of the month again, folks! Huh? Wait, WHAT? GROCERY SHOPPING?!?? No, no, NO! Not that! It’s time we welcome everyone to our latest edition of Backstage: Corporate Clash! Today we want to talk about the future of Toontasking in the game. A future that YOU the player can have an impact on changing!

Since launch, Postmaster Pete has received a ton of feedback from Toons of all levels regarding our brand new taskline. Today, we want to discuss the future of just that! Stay TOONed till the end, because we’ll need your vote to decide on the future of Toontasking in Corporate Clash!

In an upcoming update, we’re looking to improve our taskline as much as possible. This means adjusting Toontasks to make gameplay more enjoyable, and also making life just that little bit easier for toons. We’ve definitely heard from those in Toontown Central especially having to do quite a bit of running around! However, with the current handling of Toontasks in Toontown: Corporate Clash, we hear that people missed out on some of the limited time tasks. To help with this, we’ll be introducing two new “event task” slots, both of which can hold only limited time tasks during events we throw here in Corporate Clash. So if you already have your Toontasks pouch filled to the brim, be rest assured that you’ll be able to grab a few more to get those awesome limited time items and rewards!

Now, before we delve TOO deep, we’d just like to point out that regardless of outcome of any changes made, Toons will NOT lose any of the hard work they’ve put into the fight against The C.O.G.S. ! If anything, with what is on the way, Toons will certainly need all the laff, cream pie, and seltzer bottles they can fit in their gag pouches!

Another addition we’ll be looking to make is the Toontask Directory. This directory will be a new tab on the Toontasks page in your shtickerbook which shows you all the available side Toontasks for you to pick up, and even some information about them! You’ll also be able to see your completed side tasks on this page as well. We think this will help Toons locate shopkeepers who really need their help, and help the toons of Toontown find the tasks they want most!

Due to popular demand, we’re also looking to bring back “Just For Fun!” tasks. While we’re still conceptualizing the exact way these tasks will fit in our Toontasking system, they are something we’re passionate about bringing back. Who knew Toons would find enjoyment in picking up a bit of extra volunteer work for the Toon Resistance!

Lastly, we want to introduce Toontask deletion. If you dislike the sidetask you’re currently working on, you’ll be able to freely delete it at any point. Toon Headquarters will let the shopkeeper know you’d like to come back and restart at another time, allowing you to pick up a brand new sidetask elsewhere! Be careful, however, as deleting a side task will result in you losing any progress you’ve made on that Toontask.

Now THAT is what you’d call lots of change! At the end of the day though, it comes down to the biggest potential change of them all: Toontask layouts.

Something we’ve been discussing with our fellow crew members is how the player completes and chooses their Toontasks. In Toontown: Corporate Clash, we made it so as you play through the storyline, you keep one long-progressive Toontask. While we like this system, we’ve also started looking back on Toontown’s roots and how they handled tasking. We like the freedom and fun of choice in Toontasks, the satisfaction you get from completing each individual one, and even the strategic factor of picking certain tasks that match up well with another.

This is why we’re looking to potentially bring this system back. Our story will remain the same, but the progression of tasks will be up to you as you pick and choose which task you’d like to do next.

This, of course, is a big potential change. So ultimately, we want to ask for YOUR opinion on what you, the players of Corporate Clash, would enjoy the most in their time and experience with the game.

Should Corporate Clash:

A. Keep the current one main task system, however, revise the Toontasks to make the experience more enjoyable and fun

B. Move back to a system which allows toons to pick up to four multiple main story Toontasks at a time. Once completing all of the Toontasks in a stage, allowing the toon to pick up the megatask. Due to players progressing faster this way, we’d also introduce more Toontasks into each playground to find a good balance.

Cast your feedback in the form below, as we’ll be looking to sort through your feedback faster than the infamous time the Toon Council broke out into their fruit vs. cream pie debate!