Community Concerns and v1.1.0

Hey there Toontown! Welcome to the May edition of Backstage: Corporate Clash.

We’ve got quite a bit to discuss this month, much of which stems directly from questions and concerns the Toontown: Corporate Clash community has had pertaining to our still very much upcoming v1.1.0 update, on top of other miscellaneous concerns. For those seeking answers or just curious about the future of Corporate Clash as a whole, this issue is for you! It’s a bit on the lengthier side this time around, but there’s lots of very important information contained within. If you only ever read one Backstage: Corporate Clash issue in the entirety of your life, it’d be this one right here! Without further ado, let’s get started!

On The Subject of v1.1.0

If it hasn’t already been clear enough, Toontown: Corporate Clash v1.1.0 is slated to be the largest expansion to date. On top of the introduction of the Outback Toon species, it will introduce many quality of life improvements and overall enhancements to the current Corporate Clash experience as we’ve previously mentioned. That’s not all that’s coming to this update by any means. Development wise, we’re striving to create one of the largest expansions Toontown has seen in years, packed with new gameplay, and hours of content. As previously teased through means of a blueprint, the community then had to collaborate in order to piece it together, seemingly showing off some sort of new area that’s under construction by none other than The C.O.G.S! Within the next few days and weeks to come, we hope to unveil more and more about just what they’re working on as the Toon Resistance uncovers information, and there's certainly a lot to learn about this seemingly new threat unlike anything the Tooniverse has ever seen.

Admittedly, this update was initially slated to launch last year, but in part due to our overhauls of how the Toontown Online holiday events worked, development had been pushed back a bit. As of 2019 you may have noticed our events certainly being on much smaller of scales, mostly due in part we’ve focused a majority of our creative and technical talents towards v1.1.0 instead, while still trying to put something out of some entertainment value. Before the launch of v1.1.0, we’ll be releasing some patches to improve the questline among other things, to help improve the base game. Shortly after that, we’ll be in full swing to get this update effectively done in a reasonable amount of time! It won’t take much of our resources to get these changes out, and the rest will be dedicated strictly to v1.1.0. Initially, we’d planned to release these smaller patches as part of v1.1.0, but in an effort to not save everything for all at once, we’ll release these changes sooner than later. We’re just as excited to start showing it off as many of you have been eagerly awaiting its arrival.

As many have pointed out, we may have started teasing this update a bit early with the other plans we had in mind before it’s launch, and that’s something we’ll admit to in full force. Truly, with nothing else in the way now, development is coming along swimmingly despite concerns based on rumors that have sprouted pertaining to having a lack of proper staff to efficiently work on the project. Rest assured, v1.1.0 has made great strides, and as mentioned previously we are doing all we can to get it out in a reasonable amount of time. At the end of the day, Toontown: Corporate Clash is 100% a volunteer effort, worked on those in their spare time, and with an update as big as v1.1.0 is, it certainly has taken quite a bit of time to work on. Hopefully you all understand, and we’ll certainly have a lot to show in the time to come, starting very shortly after the writing of this blogpost.

Community Concerns

Outside of just assuring that exciting content is indeed on the way, and doing all that can be done in order to make sure v1.1.0 releases in a reasonable amount of time, we’d also like to address the many concerns regarding the Toontown: Corporate Clash community as a whole, mainly when it comes to communication between staff and the playerbase.

Earlier this year, in launching the Corporate Clash Instagram page, as well as posting more frequently on our Twitter page, we’ve certainly been able to drag quite a bit of life to both, and most of our social media posts have done better than ever. There’s still much room for improvement, however, going forward we’ll be using both to relay more than just information from the latest blog posts. Going forward, expect much more content!

Additionally, we’d like to point out that a revamp is in the works for the Corporate Clash Discord, and is slated for release within the next few weeks. It'll allow for easier access to information pertaining to the game, discussion, and communication between staff and users mainly. Expect more details soon.

On top of the Discord revamp, will soon have Corporate Clash support. Between the site and on our Discord, it’ll be easier than ever to form groups with others across the Tooniverse! Look for that in the near future as well. Development for this support is nearly complete, and it’s only a matter of time now until that’s fully implemented. Stay TOONed!

Going a bit more into depth in relation to staff to user communication, plans are very much in motion to make that easier and more efficient than ever. As we draw closer to the launch of v1.1.0, we’ll be doing all we can to effectively bring interest back into Toontown: Corporate Clash, on top of sharing more frequent developer progress.

We’re also striving for more community engagement as a whole, and have been asking ourselves a series of questions. How exactly can we go about engaging with the community more? We’ll begin doing all we can to get players from across the community involved once more, and able to participate in any and all ways that they can. Social media wise, we’d like to get on a schedule of putting out daily content, whether it pertain to developer progress, what’s to come in the future, what may be happening to Corporate Clash on a given day, showcasing fan art of the week, lore building, weekly events and contests, and community Q&A sessions.  We’ve got many ideas in store to do just that, and that’s yet another thing you can look forward to starting up within the next few days!

Moderation and Support

As far as moderation is concerned when it comes to Toontown: Corporate Clash, our team has been working on lots in this particular department as well.

In regards to our Discord server, our bot that does much to run the show will be receiving some major upgrades fairly soon. The Clashbot V4.1 launcher makes the bot more stable and makes the moderation process easier. Appealing is a lot easier with the new systems in place. Even if you have Direct Messaging disabled, we’ll make sure you get important messages from the bot, such as infraction notices. We’re also working on changing the moderation system majorly to make the experience better for everyone!

Outside of just being people who are there to discuss infractions, we’d like for our Moderation Team to build up a better relationship with the community as well. At the end of the day, they’re people as well, and people that we’d like for you all to have positive relationships with!

We’d also like to quickly address some common criticisms to current methods of the player receiving support for Toontown: Corporate Clash. We’re aware of the current complaints when it comes to response time, and have some plans in place to combat that very issue. On top of bringing methods of support to both our Twitter and Instagram pages, we’d additionally like to bring back our old system of Clash Modmail in some form to our Discord server, allowing for faster response times than ever before, causing in turn for a better turnaround on issues.

The Bottom Line

Going forward, we’re truly doing everything we can to resolve all we can for the best, allowing for us to be able to deliver the best Corporate Clash experience that we can, as well as efficiently getting out new and exciting content to the public.

We feel we’ve addressed most of the major concerns we’ve seen throughout this post, but feel free to point out any additional questions, concerns, or general feedback to anyone on the Corporate Clash Crew, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

That’s all for this issue of Backstage: Corporate Clash, and we truly hope you all look forward to all the change to come throughout the next few days and weeks! Have a Toontastic rest of your day, and thank you for taking the time to read through this post!