2019: Year of the User

Hey everybody! Welcome back to our second-ever Backstage Blog.

We wanted to create this blog to help shed some light on things we’re working on for 2019 -- mainly in the area of “quality of life.” Improvements, tweaks, and releases that will reach all the way across the board. So without saying too much, there’s several topics to cover, as follows.

Suggestions & Feedback

So, let’s start with something that’s been overdue: Suggestions.

We want to introduce a way for those of you filled with ideas, creativity, and sometimes even frustration to share those ideas, suggestions, and issues with us. This is why we’re going to be introducing a new forum system in the upcoming weeks.

This system will allow for users to connect their Toontown: Corporate Clash account to post, comment on, or review suggestions from the entire community. Create topics, create discussion, and vote for your favorite items to make sure that we see everything needing attention.

This will ultimately allow us to bring back the suggestion experience in a more organized manner. This is also a great avenue for providing feedback and issues on aspects of Corporate Clash that you, the community, may feel we need to pay further attention to, only helping the health of the game.

Now let’s move onto an exciting topic.

Ambitions for our 1.1 Update

One of the things that’s been highly talked about is our 1.1 update. In our opinion, this will definitely shape up to be the biggest update we’ve ever done to date, and are looking to make sure we deliver on that in a positive way.

This is something we’re very excited about. There’s new ideas and features going into this update that we all only want to see fully realized. We’re hungry and ready to develop this update and do our best to deliver on something we feel is a potentially groundbreaking release for Toontown: Corporate Clash.

In addition, we want to express that this isn’t something rushed. We’re doing our due diligence in giving attention to detail, testing, and doing our best to ensure minimal issues once this big update does finally release. We appreciate all of you that are excited and patiently waiting!

That being said, let’s talk about an issue we’d like to give attention to during this process.

Crashing & Performance

This is a key note of the upcoming year. One of the things we as a team have to focus on is client performance, crashes, and the various issues in the same vein.

This is not an easy issue to solve, but our developers are extremely committed to researching, developing, and innovating ways for us to not only improve the performance of the game, but the longevity of it as well. As we all know, if we can’t get performance and stability right, then the game will never be able to prosper in the way we feel it deserves to.

One of the main things that our team will be doing includes a deep dive into our code (one that’s been through quite a lot, to be honest) and inspecting what can be improved, removed, or cleaned-up. This, hopefully, will lead to a better experience for players.

There’s also a plethora of potential other routes our development team has in mind to visit in attempting to optimize Corporate Clash and boost performance. These things, as we continue to look into them, may hopefully be things that we can proudly roll out in the upcoming year.

We also want to stress that while we may be continually pressing forward on development and research into optimization, and performance increases, we will still continue to be steadily developing towards our 1.1 update. The resources and plans have already been realized and allocated to allow for this to work, at least we believe so.

Speaking of resources, let’s talk about the most important one.


A team is nothing without it’s staff, and that’s definitely the truth for Toontown: Corporate Clash. From our dedicated developers, to our extremely talented modelers, texturers, composers, 3D animators, and all members of our fabulous creative team. And also all throughout our moderation team, we know we’d be nothing without their hard work and valuable time.

It’s another thing we know we’ve been notably lacking for quite some time. It’s overdue, and it’s time to bring applications back.

In the coming weeks, we are going to be looking into releasing an official way to apply to Toontown: Corporate Clash. This will include positions and opportunities we did not previously offer ever before. So, if you’re interested in helping us keep the spirit of Toontown alive, and helping us in developing some of the newest and innovative content the community may see in our opinions, keep your eyes peeled for more information. We’ll be eagerly awaiting your applications.

Thank you all, Happy New Year, and we appreciate all of your continued support of Toontown: Corporate Clash.